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g people, it is important to help them find jobs.▓ [We] train them, and instruct them to find employment outsi▓de their homes,

making real efforts to help the▓ really poor."Since he became the Party's leader in 2012, he has insisted on seeing "real poverty" ▓every time he has reached an impoverished region, suc▓h as Fuping county in Hebei Province, Huayuan county in Hunan Province and Dong

ounty in Gansu Provinc

" Xi said.He has warned against a▓iming too high, saying that tasks should be accomplishe▓d one by one.Xi has called for saving children from poverty, in particular, by granting them access ▓to education."In poor regions, improving education should 

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be a priority. Children should be given a fai▓r chance at the starting point of their lives. G▓ive them opportunities to be educated▓, to go to college. Then in eight to ten ▓years, they will have the means to become well-off, or at least to feed themselves," Xi said.He has demanded▓ more financial support be given to education in remote and rural areas, and that the development of ▓compulsory education receives due attention.▓Teachers could be sent on a rotating basi▓s to poor mountainous areas, Xi said,▓ suggesting offering teachers better pay and greater opportunities for promotion.To move people out of poverty, Xi believes, it is crucial to instil▓l in them an aspiration to live better.From 1988 to 1990, Xi was secretary of the CPC Ning

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de Prefectural Committee in Fujian."I saw Ningde as a weak bird that needed to make an early start, work with perseverance and not feel ashamed of lagging behind. W▓ork incessantly and it will eventually take on a new look," ▓Xi said.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were later compiled into a book titled "Out of Poverty," which Xi said could serve as a guideline."F▓or those in poverty, a lack of morale will get them nowhere," Xi said."In the battle against poverty, no cor

ruption, fraudulence or ▓blind pursuit of political achievements can b▓e allowed," Xi said, adding that secretaries of the CPC county committees or county magistrates sho▓uld work at the very frontline and make concrete efforts.On▓ly with a down-to-earth style and concrete efforts can cadres fulfill the promises of eliminating poverty made to the▓ people and to the history, according to Xi.Xi has stressed that the task of poverty relief, which tops the Party and the country's work agenda, must be assigned to the most capable cadres. Secretari▓es of the CPC count

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lief goes hand in hand with industrial projects. [Bu

y committees and county magistrates could only be transferred to other▓ positions after their poverty relief work is proved.He has highlighted the importance of inspection and▓ supervision in poverty relief, stressing that the effect of poverty elimination work of one place should be evaluated by offi

ntains and forests

  • , where there are no professionals or market▓, and costs are high, it is not easy to develop industrial projects," Xi said.Poverty relief is all about solving real problems, a
  • ccording to Xi.He stressed the importance of e▓ducation and guaranteeing basic public facilities, such
  • as roads, water and power.He also suggested teaching tho
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